23 Best Skincare Products of All Time

As anyone who’s ever perused the aisles of their local drugstore or beauty supply chain can tell you, finding the best skincare products is hard. That’s why our Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab scientists are always testing the latest and greatest innovations in skincare, from drugstore picks to luxury beauty brands and everything in between, to find the best products in the world that are actually proven to work.

The GH Beauty Lab thoroughly evaluates skincare products using technical Lab instruments and consumer feedback. In the Lab, our scientists use devices that evaluate skin’s hydration levels, firmness and the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and pores, both before and after use of a formula. They also distribute the products to consumer testers, who evaluate them on ease of use and the look and feel of their skin after a set time period. Then these data points are culled together to determine the best skincare products you can buy, from face cleansers to moisturizers, serums, eye creams, sunscreens and more.

To put together this definitive list of the best skincare products of all time, we consulted dermatologists to ask about their favorite brands and formulas, and included those recommendations alongside the GH Beauty Lab’s top-tested skincare products across categories.

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